Paid Search

PPC and SEO are good digital marketing methods in their own way, however SEO can be quite time consuming to get started, but PPC gives you immediate results.

PPC is a type of sponsored online advertising used on search engines where the advertiser only pays money if someone clicks on their ad. Pay per click– it makes the business and google gain money from the advertisement created by ITSPRO each time the customer clicks on the advertisement they will get some money and when the consumer clicks on it, it will also lead to the businesses website, allowing purchasing any goods or services.

PPC is a highly effective service we offer but costs more than an SEO service because you will be gaining traffic and getting potential purchases however you will be paying a fixed amount for each click to the search engine which will result in the consumer being directed straight to your business website.  


The only time you will be paying for a click is when an interested person clicks, but also you will have the ability to set your budget to control costs. Another good thing about PPC is that you will be able to reach your target customers with the right ad at the right time, and this will attract them to click on your website.

With PPC you will be able to inform your other marketing departments on the PPC data so this involves all the main keywords which are attractive and gain clicks on. Also PPC will give immediate results and you will be able to see changes in sales instantly.

PPC’s open the location targetting and delivery options for your business which can be very specific according to your company and business branches. Through PPC you can easily deliver a message to your target consumers.