We’ve got you covered. Our web agency support you proactively from fixing glitches to offering ongoing security

When we look into the field of support we like to think that our customer support is unbeatable by any company. Whenever we have a customer or a client we make it our job to know what they want before they even ask us for it.

When our clients bring us a project we like to give them a deadline and when they would be receiving their device and we never fail to give the customer what they need, ITS Pro is a well thought out company with excellent customer service.

We’ve got your back

We’re dependable, insightful and our in-house technical skills are second to none. Need to add a little tweak to your web design? We’ve got it. Need to tune up the performance of your site? Not a problem. We’ll even manage your data back up and perform scheduled site maintenance. You’re in safe hands.


We highly support all our clients and make sure each need of the client is addressed to. All our employees are trained to help our clients with issues ranging from security set-ups to fixing minor glitches. Our employees look into every detail when dealing with a client and we always prioritise our clients accordingly to make sure there is no room for error. We offer an outstanding customer service and have all the equipment and resources needed to help our clients thoroughly.

When something is not working with your security or website it can be extremely frustrating, and we understand how the time taken up to fix the issue can be highly valuable to some clients so our company makes sure the minimal time is used up for the problem to be resolved and so you can be back online.